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GQ – A Travel Guide to Cartagena, the Romantic Caribbean Capital You Need to Visit

How to plan a weekend of dancing and drinking in one of the Caribbean’s most colorful cities.

A mere five-hour flight from New York City, the Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena has all the makings of a perfect long weekend getaway: Cobbled streets, palm-frilled plazas, and colorful16th-century mansions to ogle. If you’re looking to create a little bit of romance, Cartagena will do all the work for you, with all its beaches and salsa dancing and endless plates of ceviche. At night, high-energy Zumba classes commence in outdoor areas, and squares become dance floors for locals; this is not a town that turns in when the clock strikes twelve. Cartagena is the Caribbean you don’t know. Where boutique hotels are more popular than timeshare and the best beaches are not part of your resort, but rather a short boat ride away. […]

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